Flower Care

Caring for your fresh cut flowers or arrangement

It is a question often asked by people receiving their beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, or even if you buy or have your own flowers from your garden, wherever they come from, the same preparation and care always helps prolong the longevity of the vase life of your fresh flowers.

It is not a difficult task to undertake, and very much worth the trouble having your fresh flowers looking their best for longer.  Of course some flowers last longer than others, but with care and attention you will get the most from your freshly cut flowers.

Some of the varieties of flowers that last the longest, and the most used in our florist shops, are lillies, gerberas, chrysanthemums, carnations, alstroemeria, snap dragons, orchids, and roses.  Other flowers, such as tulips, narcissis, iris, poppies, freesias, stock, lilly of the valley, or lilac, are much softer flowers and as beautiful as they are, unfortunately don’t last as long.  But they are so special, it is worth having them for the shorter time, to experience their special characteristics and perfumes.

5 secrets to longer lasting flowers:

  1. Make sure your vase is clean, and hasn’t any residue from your last flowers as it may taint the water.
  2. Put clean water in your vase, and recut the stems of your fresh flowers with clean scissors.  You will need to do this process every day, or second day, and you will be surprised at your results.
  3. Keep your vase of fresh flowers out of the sunlight, and also away from fans or breezeways.  Flowers do not like the heat or wind.
  4. Remove any leaves below the water surface.
  5. It can help if you add a little bleach or alcohol (like vodka) to your vase so the water stays more sterile.

For your Fresh Flower Arrangement, the main thing to do is to add a half cup of water each day, as the foam dries out.  If you can, or want, if you can gently remove any flower, and be able to  replace it,  just give it a small snip to open the stem and allow it to drink easier.

Flower Tips:  Revitalization of some flower varieties

Sometimes, through no-ones fault, except mother nature, some flowers will droop and look terribly sad.   They get a blockage in their stem, and can’t uptake the water.  Some varieties of flowers will respond to different treatments for revitalisation.

Orchids and roses can be revitalised by submerging them completely in water for at least 30 minutes.

Chrysanthemums, sunflowers, hydrangeas, gerberas and roses can be revitalised by boiling water.  Recut the stems, place boiling water in a bowl or cup, stand the flower stem in the boiling water for 10-20mins, and most times this will open the air bubbles in the stem, and the flower takes up water again.  It’s quite amazing to see this happen.  It’s like a new flower reborn. Enjoy your flowers!